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Nau mai, Talofa lava, Bula, Malo e lelei, welcome... the website of the 46 schools which make up the Anglican Schools Network of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia.

At a time when the world is finding its way through the global pandemic, our chaplains, RE teachers and Anglican Schools are still working to support students and families in any way they can. Although everyday life is largely back to normal in our Province, we have left our "Covid-19" page of resources up for those who access our site from overseas.

The Royal Commission of Enquiry into Abuse in Care is underway and our schools as well as the wider church are part of its effort to bring to light the stories of those who suffered abuse while under our care. Below you will find links to a statement by Archbishops Don Tamihere and Philip Richardson, and another to the Commission's website. We will put up other information and links as they become available.

Beyond that, this site is a place where schools (and others if they wish) can access resources to help them in the challenging, puzzling, stimulating and rewarding task of being an Anglican School in their context.  How do we offer the Good News of the manaakitanga of God to our young people? The possibilities are endless! So here you will find a whole range of resources for a whole range of ways we are working the “yeast” of the Good News in every part of school life.

Anglicans have always believed that education matters! Our experience down through the centuries teaches us that education can transform individuals and whole communities. Education is always about so much more than the acquisition of knowledge; it is about nurturing the foundations for a developing wisdom in every individual. Our hope is that young people in our Anglican Schools will develop a deep awareness that they are profoundly loved by God and that they each have unique and distinctive gifts which they can use for the good of all. We also hope that they discover in our schools an excitement for learning and an expanding sense of wonder for the world around them.

The Archbishops of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia. 'Understanding the Special Character of an Anglican School'.

The Royal Commission into Abuse in Care

Archbishops Don Tamihere and Philip Richardson have circulated a statement prior to the Faith-based Redress Hearings of the Royal Commission. Find a link to the statement below.

Details of these upcoming hearings for entities connected to the Anglican Church can be found at the Royal Commission website, below.


What marks out an Anglican School in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia?

Here are some documents to help you think about that question. The first suggests some key markers of any Anglican School. We are indebted to the ABESA (South Africa) for letting us adapt this document. The second, designed for new parents or teachers, looks at the unique gifts an Anglican school can offer. The third aims to help people understand what it means for a school to be part of a Three Tikanga church.

A Whole Community

Our school life is underpinned by the belief that the world is not accidental; it has meaning, purpose and direction. Life is a gift from God and should therefore be lived with generosity and gratitude. Every child is beloved, belongs and is a child of God, so we welcome and are sensitive to the diversity of students’ faiths and backgrounds. Our distinctively Anglican heritage gives weight to faith, reason and tradition as we explore the mystery, wonder and power of the created world. We are part of a national communion of Maori, Pakeha and Pasifika Tikanga, weaving unity in diversity.

Understanding the Special Character of an Anglican School.

Our school accepts people of every denomination, as well as those who follow a different religion. Anglicanism is particularly well positioned to offer this welcome, since it has, for centuries, bridged the divide between Catholics and Protestants. Many denominations find they can feel “at home” within Anglicanism’s foundations in scripture, reason and tradition.

Being Three Tikanga

As Anglican Schools in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia, we belong to a Three Tikanga church. Understanding something of what this means can help us recognise the unusual gifts and opportunities this offers us.

Upcoming Events

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Worship Resources

Sharing ideas for what has worked and what might work in our chapel services.

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Advent Resources

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The Golden Rule

One verse in the Bible which is still widely known (even if it is often misquoted) is our “Golden Rule”: “In everything do to others as you would have them…

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Beauty will Save the World.

Our Office has had a long connection with the Anglican Schools’ Office in Brisbane Diocese, and in recent months we’ve been sharing many more of our resources in both directions…

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