Chapel Talks

Chapel Talks

Chapel talks are never that easy to offer as we have such a diverse ‘audience’ from the committed believer to the highly sceptical and agnostic, along with those of other religions. Our students often have their minds on a million other things, the least of which is God-stuff, so how do you ‘hook them in’ to the Jesus message?

What is offered on this page are a selection of chapel talks to spark your own ideas. You may like to them use ‘as is’ or modify in any way you wish to meet the context into which you speak. Most of these are at a secondary level, but are able to be adapted to a younger audience.

Paul Scott Wilson in his book “The Four Pages of the Sermon” stresses among other things having just one theme, one reading and one image and so what is offered in this resource follows that pattern.

For more background to these talks, see here.


List of Talks

It would be good to see this resource expand. If you have a chapel talk that has gone really well, might you share it with all our chaplains and RE staff? Please send it to Tony and we’ll get it into the format we are using and have it posted on line. If you’d like your name attached to the talk please let us know. The expectation though is that anyone may use these without reference to who may have produced it – there’s no copyrighting!