The Abbey

Friday 25 August – Sunday 27 August 2017

Location: El Rancho, Waikanae

Cost: $125

Meet, discuss, laugh, pray, encourage, worship and eat with 200 other Anglican youth leaders who love Jesus and who love working with young people!

The Abbey 2017 starts on Friday 25 August at 8pm and finishes on Sunday 27 August at 2pm. We’re back at El Rancho in Waikanae this year, and as always you can expect an incredible range of speakers and workshops throughout the weekend.


We’re stoked to announce that our keynote speakers are Duane Major – founder of 24/7 Youth Work and overseer of youth ministry at Spreydon Baptist (now South-West Baptist) – and Kirstin Cant – Youth Mobiliser for the NZ Church Missionary Society. Discover more about our key speakers


This year our theme is unwavering hope. We are so surrounded by negativity, fear, anxiety, hopelessness and helplessness. Terrorism, war, Trump, climate change – for many it’s getting all too despairing. And maybe we’ve imagined for too long now that life can only be good if there is no struggle, no pain, no tears, no hardship. God’s Word (as we find it in the Bible, in Jesus and even in Creation) never promised comfort and ease. What it does promise is that strength, joy, peace, harmony, goodness, love and humanity can be found in the midst of all that is difficult, as we journey with God.
The word ‘hope’ has lost much of its true meaning. It seems it’s more of a ‘hope for the best’ or a desperate “Gee, I hope it works out” kind of hope. But with God, ‘hope’ is strong. Unwavering. It is a positive, confident, resurrection hope. It’s a believer!
At The Abbey this year we want to develop a renewed confidence in what God calls us to; a confidence and faith in God to change lives and make disciples through our churches and their youth ministries; and to counter hopelessness, discouragement, negativity and despair.

Registrations will close on Friday 11 August or when camp is full.

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