The Abbey 2015

ABBEY #3. YES! The Abbey 2015 promises to be another great chance to meet, discuss, laugh, pray, encourage, worship and eat with 200 other Anglican youth leaders who love Jesus and who love working with young people.

Our theme Metanoia – God of the U-Turn addresses how our God has enough love and power to completely turn around the lives of our young people and our communities. But do we really believe that!? It’s clear we believe in a ‘nice’ God, a ‘helpful’ God, a God who can make a bit of a difference – but complete transformation?

The original meaning of the Greek word, metanoia/μετάνοια was ‘a superficial change of mind’. However, through its use in the New Testament, the depth of metanoia increased until it came to express “that mighty change in mind, heart, and life wrought by the Spirit of God.”  Amen!

Our key speakers this year are Mike Dodge – kiwi youth ministry legend; Scottie Reeve – co-founder of Blueprint Church; and Sepi Hala’api’api – Diocesan Youth Coordinator for Tikanga Polynesia. They will inspire and train us to expect and draw on God to bring this ‘mighty change’ into our neighbourhoods, churches and young people’s lives.

There will be workshops led by our speakers, sponsors and special guests that will explore the themes of:

  • Youth Ministry that Changes Lives
  • Leadership That Transforms
  • Tools for Changing Communities

Also, once again, there will be a Stream for Young Leaders (Year 12 & 13’s) and a Paid Youth Ministers’ Stream.

There will be old favourites (like Spanky and the Football Comp’) and some-things-new (like High Tea with the Bishops, Chapters and the Greater Silence)

Catch you there. Phil out!


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