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MST Lite Year 7-8 Units

These units are designed to get the same effect in a shorter time! Concepts are presented more simply, activities are narrowed down to a smaller range of choices, but we hope that the same atmosphere of questioning and puzzling and seeking and wondering will be nurtured. More units will be put up over 2020.

How do I know what is true?

This unit takes students through a slightly brain-spinny tour of how we decide something is true, the different types of truth we tell, and the different ways of conveying truth. It all works as an introduction to the different genres of the Bible, which uses fact truth, personal truth and story truth to convey God's word.

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Is there anything God can’t do?

This unit looks at possibilities, impossibilities, and the place of choice in what is “possible”. That leads to a consideration of the limits God chose to take on through the incarnation. The whole unit links in with an optional exercise of memorising the Creed.

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Is God Male?

Images of God. An introduction to the range of images used for the Christian God, to figurative language in general, and to how we might apply these insights to our burgeoning understanding of God.

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MST Lite Year 9-10 Units

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What’s the purpose of my life?

Philosophy and Vocation. What does it mean to have a purpose? What is the difference between something having a use and having a purpose? How have people found purpose in their lives, and what does the Christian concept of "vocation" have to say?

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