A new Chaplain for Hereworth

At the beginning of term four, we welcomed Reverend Alan Burnett to the Hereworth School.

For Reverend Burnett, moving to Hawke’s Bay was a home-coming of sorts. With family living here and nearby in Manawatu, he says he feels very connected to the region.

“My wife Hayley has family living here and I grew up in Feilding, so spent time in Hawke’s Bay when I was young. The role at Hereworth was also a great opportunity to fulfil my long-held ambition to teach religious education at an Anglican school,” he says.

Reverend Burnett came to Hereworth from Whangarei, where he was Vicar of the city’s Anglican parish for three years. Prior to that, he held the position of Priest Assistant at Auckland’s Holy Trinity Cathedral. In his training for the ministry, he also undertook chaplaincy and pastoral roles at Auckland Hospital, Springhill Correctional Facility and Dilworth School.

At 30 years of age, Reverend Burnett was the second youngest priest in the Auckland diocese and has been ordained for four years. For the past 11 years, he has also been building Christian youth ministries and is excited about connecting again with younger people.

“My role as Chaplain at Hereworth is to represent the wider Anglican church in the school community. Younger people have a lovely optimism about them and I’m looking forward to being around their enthusiasm.”

Reverend Burnett’s role as Hereworth Chaplain will include taking school Chapel services and teaching religious education classes. He will also take the lead in pastoral care and the development of students’ welfare beyond academic, sporting and social realms.

“Pastoral care is a safe “listening ear” for the boys, independent from parents and the school.  It operates in a different dimension than counselling – as a Priest I address the spiritual needs of the boys, as well as the emotional.

“Clinical pastoral care is a large part of our professional training where we also explore how prayer and our relationship with God is a core component of our being and can help us when we are experiencing difficulties.”

Reverend Burnett is happy to hear from you and talk more about his role at Hereworth, and is reachable via the school office.


Source: Nicola Pentelow – Marketing Co-ordinator