Diocesan School for Girls offered in excess of $1m university scholarships

Scholarship results saw 43 girls awarded a total of 61 Scholarships. Two girls were judged to be the top result in their subject for the whole country. NCEA student Nicola Chang (Design and Visual Communication) and IB student Joanna Li (History) achieved this, and remarkably while only in year 12!

Graduates from 2016 are now well into the first year of their tertiary studies all around New Zealand and the globe. They have been offered in excess of $1 million in University Scholarships. In New Zealand this includes every New Zealand University. Significant offers from Sydney, UCLA, Brown, Cambridge and Singapore indicate that Diocesan girls have access to tertiary institutions globally. Success in sports sits alongside the academic achievement – Annabelle Paterson begins a 4 year swimming Scholarship at Harvard University later this year.

This level of achievement is quite staggering, especially when you consider the range of other activities in which the students are involved in.

Academic achievement is important, but so too is involvement in co-curricular activities, and the wider life of the school as our young women show service, leadership, and a commitment to making a difference in the world around them.

Congratulations to the senior students of 2016 and to their teachers. The school is very proud of the results that they have achieved through their hard work and dedication.

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Taken from 29.6.17