Lucy Flatt

Craighead Diocesan School

Craighead Diocesan School actively upholds its Special Character founded in Christian values expressed within the broad ethos of Anglicanism, whilst also recognising and welcoming students and families from many different denominational and religious traditions.

In times of increasing change and complexity, it is vital that young people have firm foundations in their search for values and attitudes. Christian education seeks to provide a world view which challenges young people to think critically. Religious Education classes encourage students to explore Christian beliefs and to respect differences within these and other faiths to better understand themselves and their neighbours, both in the local community and in the world.

Our School focuses on the needs of the whole person – spiritual, moral, emotional intellectual, social, and physical; the challenge of and commitment to service and stewardship; the love of neighbour; the experience of compassion and community, forgiveness, trust and reconciliation, integrity and courage, tolerance and respect for difference; and the pursuit of truth and justice.

We begin each day with a short Chapel service. Here the teaching of the Christianity is given a modern context through story, prayer and song. Occasional Sunday evening services, with a particular focus, are held throughout the school year.

Community life, reflecting events in the Church calendar in School, is enriched and strengthened by Craighead’s Special Character.