Primary 1-2

IMAGINE & WONDER - get a child to imagine and wonder about God.

Primary Years 1 - 2

Stories are the foundation of these early years: stories that help to build a world enriched by imagination and wonder with God at the centre. Through the delightful story telling and beautiful illustrations of the Jesus Storybook Bible, children explore the questions, “Who is God? Where is God? Why did God create me? How do I connect to God” while all the time being nurtured by the growing conviction that God loves them.

Curriculum Framework: Imagine and Wonder

Our curriculum framework is carefully designed to flow through all the primary years, focusing on questions young people are asking at different stages, and ways of learning which come most naturally to them. See the overview here.

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Lesson Plans - The Jesus Storybook Bible

The Jesus Storybook Bible is well known to be suitable for Years 1-3 and many chaplains already use this with their junior primary students.

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General Resources

Throw & Tell Balls get and keep kids attention - when you finish a lesson early, kids show up grumpy, or you need an icebreaker fast!

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Junior - Ideas & Resources

The sessions include a presentation, wondering questions, and a creative response.

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Myself Who Am I

This PDF unit uses material from the Christian religion to explore questions about identity and belonging for pupils in Year 1.

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Sources of Resources

A compilation of resources to help Chaplains and RE Teachers source material for teaching Primary Students in Anglican Schools of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia

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Symbols of Faith and Signs of Belonging: Why are they important

This PDF unit of work is designed to help pupils learn about some of the intended meanings from a range of symbols.

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