Primary 3-4

Who am I? Who are my friends? How can I grow my connection with God?

Primary Resources Years 3-4

Who am I? Who are my friends? How can I grow my connection with God? Even if children in years 3-4 might not use these words, the first two questions are natural areas of interest for them. The third will, we hope, also be a source of exploration and discovery during RE classes over these two years, as students are nurtured in the knowledge that God’s Spirit lives in them.

Curriculum Framework: Explore and Discover

Our curriculum framework is carefully designed to flow through all the primary years, focusing on questions young people are asking at different stages, and ways of learning which come most naturally to them. See the overview here.

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General Resources

A compilation of resources to help Chaplains and RE Teachers source material for teaching Primary Students in Anglican Schools of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia.

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God of Surprises

God is a God of surprises. You never know what God will do. To grow in God we may need to let go of some ideas so God can give us bigger ones.

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God's Creation

God created a universe of order. We are created to live in God’s creation and to care for it. People can have negative or positive effects on God’s creation.

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The healing stories of Jesus and what they tell us about God, about ourselves and others.

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Prayer is central to our faith. It is a means by which we communicate with the living God.

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Who is my neighbour?

Students who have developed relationships with family, school and immediate neighbours consider the needs of the wider community and what being a good neighbour looks like.

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Practicing Peace

Ideas and lesson plans for understanding what peace is and how to practice it. From the Anglican Schools Commission Southern Queensland.

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