Primary 5-6

Discover how Jesus is Good News for a broken world.

Primary Resources Year 5-6

Questions become deeper and the relevance of their answers to life around them increases in importance for this age-group. Why am I here? How does my connection with God guide my actions? How can I show God’s love? Here we want to help students dig into their questions and discover how Jesus is Good News for a broken world.

General Resources

A compilation of resources to help Chaplains and RE Teachers source material for teaching Primary Students in Anglican Schools of Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia

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God of Surprises

The surprising creativity and love of God. God brings hope - God cares as we move into the unknown.

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The healing stories of Jesus and what they tell us about God, about ourselves and others.

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Kingdom Living

What does it look like to be part of the Kingdom of God? We each have a special part to play in revealing God’s Kingdom for a hurting world.

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Miracles of Jesus

Biblical accounts of the miracles of Jesus illustrate the power and authority of God’s Son. And yet Jesus knows and understands us as a human too. The importance of forgiveness, compassion and care..

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