Creativity and Wonder

Faithful values

Creativity and Wonder

Sophie Dark, Cathedral Grammar

Since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us give thanks, by which we offer to God an acceptable worship with reverence and wonder.

Heb 12:28

What they are:

People throughout history have created. Tools, homes, buildings, villages, cities, carriages, vehicles, roads, airports, societies, rules, laws, songs, music, artworks, movies, solutions to problems… New ideas, new inventions, new solutions. Being creative almost always brings us joy, because for a moment we reflect the image of God the Creator, and sense what it is to be who we are meant to be. Unfortunately people’s creativity is not always used for good (think of the creativity that goes into making weapons). It is our responsibility to channel our creativity into things that are life-giving.

We can use our creativity to be the joy-creators, hope-bringers, peace-makers and truth-givers. We can use our gifts and talents and inspirations to build a better world. We can bring glory to God in all that we say and do and make. We can sing, dance, act, speak, paint, play, laugh, and build things and build good relationships. 

Wonder is a life-giving response to the creativity of God and of each other. We cannot begin to grasp the intricacy of Creation and not feel wonder, whether we are looking deeper and deeper towards the microscopic and quantum worlds, or out and out past mountains and oceans to the grandeur of space. Wonder gives birth to gratitude and the freedom that comes with humility, while lacing our lives with joy.

What makes these Christian values?

  1. Since the earliest centuries of Christianity, sloth and pride have been considered two of the “deadly sins”: ways of life completely contrary to God’s will. Creativity and wonder counteract those tendencies joyfully and thoroughly. 
  2. Why are we creative? Evolution alone can explain our need to find ways of surviving and thriving, but where do art and music and laughter fit in there? We create things of beauty and delight as well as things of usefulness because we are in the image of God, who creates abundantly and beautifully.
  3. In an age where we are increasingly focused inward, wonder lifts us out of ourselves and opens our hearts to the wider world of people and nature. Wonder frees us from taking each other and our world for granted, and encourages us to express gratitude to God.
  4. When God first created he “saw that it was good.” Our job is to be creative and create in such a way that when we and other people look at our creation – whatever it may be – we can see that “it is good.” That kind of creativity will bring a smile to God’s face.