While you’re not going to want to use videos instead of messages on a regular basis in chapel, there are a number that can be used to complement a message or give stimulus for discussion and feedback during a service. One that would work well in that way is this:

What did they get right?

The Bible Society has some great resources for younger children, with story books, videos of those stories, and follow-up activities for those of you who are lucky enough to have classroom teachers who follow up on chapel services in class time! See:

Three Friends and the Miracle Man

Three Friends and the Miracle Man imagines three children who witnessed Jesus’ miracles taking a journey to the empty tomb and discovering who he really is.

The Seriously Surprising Story

The Seriously Surprising Story follows two friends of Jesus from Jerusalem to Emmaus (and back). Let the mystery unfold of the greatest story ever told! 

If you’re wanting ideas for full liturgies, the Diocese of Westminster appear to put up suggestions and liturgy outlines a few weeks in advance on its website. There are sure to be Easter ones as we come closer. See here.