YEARS 11-13

Studying Religious Education

Some of our schools offer NCEA RE for years 11-13, while others prefer to keep RE a non-assessed subject. Resources for both NCEA and other units will be gradually added to this page.

Studying Religious Education in senior years offers students the opportunity to explore in depth some of the most important issues in our world today. What motivates people of different religious beliefs to live and act the way they do? What does Christianity have to say about key social and ethical questions?

The Catholic Education network has a wide range of NCEA units which they are often happy for us to use. However, we would like to build up a bank of units ourselves in response to questions and issues raised by our students or pertinent to our school network. On this page you will find links to the first two we have launched for NCEA level 2: A Christian response to human trafficking, and the Christian foundations of Restorative Justice. The first was designed in partnership with Tear Fund; the second in partnership with Victoria University of Wellington.

Human Trafficking

This resource has been designed to allow students to work towards the above Level 1 Religious Studies Achievement Standard. The demands of this standard necessitate a limited approach to the teaching of Christian Ethics. This resource is not intended to be a comprehensive summary of Christian Ethics but rather to direct students as efficiently as possible to an understanding of key ethical Christian principles that can be applied to the issue of Human Trafficking.

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Restorative Justice

Over weeks 3-7, students will work individually through an online course produced by VUW. There are recorded interviews to watch and weekly readings to complete. At the end of each week there is a quiz for self-assessment (not included in the final assessment).

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