What are we waiting for?

We all know that even something as straightforward as Christmas can be hard to explain to our students in Christian terms. Since Advent is much less familiar for them, that can make it both harder and easier for them to understand. It’s a new term for most, so they’re learning from scratch, but it is also still a uniquely Christian term, so we don’t have to scrape off quite so many accretions.

This short video starts with a dialogue familiar to all of us: a typical set of options we’re given when we phone an organisation. But in this case, the options are all things we might be looking for in the “Waiting Room”. Justice, peace, being reunited with dead relatives or pets… That is followed by a series of questions and images and Bible verses. You might want to use the whole thing in a chapel service, or just part of it. You might want to pause as each question comes up, although since music plays through that whole section it might be better to play it all and then return to some of the questions.


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